St. Louis Small Press Expo poster and branding.

In order to capture the physicality of small press publishing, I decided to eschew Photoshop for a more tactile experience in making the poster. After cutting the individual cards, I installed them on my art desk and photographed them for the final poster design.

"Boarding Pass" banner for GayCities’ StoliGuy 2014 campaign.

Wedding Invitations

(Illustration by David Peery | Save the Date photo by Laura Hennefield)

I’m Going to Marry That Boy t-shirt design by Jared Rourke.

Queer Young Cowboys, June 2014.

Interior print design for Georgina Li’s Like They Always Been Free.

Each story begins with a two page spread of a tree line. As you progress through the stories, the moon rises from the lower left corner to the position you see above.

In Li’s story “Notes of the Founders,” a tiny planet and moon symbol serves as a break icon. As you progress through the story, the moon orbits the planet.

Design by Jared Rourke, 2014 for Queer Young Cowboys

Going Fast in Loose Directions by Ben Kline; book cover design.